Culture vs Covid: France's heritage sites fighting for survival


As part of our week-long series about how the arts are dealing with Covid-19, we take you to some of the precious heritage sites that are fighting for survival. Eve Jackson reports from one of Europe's greatest stately homes, the Domaine of Chantilly. An hour away from Paris, it's France's largest privately owned estate. It includes a park, a Renaissance chateau, a racecourse and the biggest classical art collection in the country outside the Louvre. 


But Chantilly's future is in danger. In the past year it has lost €6 million because of Covid-19 closures and it's asking for help from the public and the government.

Back in Paris, we bring you a report from the Louvre, which is making the most of the eerie quiet to press ahead with renovation works.

Plus, we meet the owner of Paris's little-known Fan Museum, who is desperately trying to keep it going.

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