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Black Lives Matter protests erupt across Brazil


This week, Brazil was rocked by protests reminiscent of the Black Lives Matter movement in the US. The turning point was the brutal death of a 40-year-old black man, held down and beaten by two white security guards. A video of the killing went viral, prompting not just protests, but also a boycott of the French supermarket chain Carrefour where the violence took place. Our correspondents Pierre Le Duff and Laura Damase report.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden's official transition to the presidency got underway this week with the federal government finally approving funds for a smooth transfer of power. The president-elect is already lining up his cabinet, which he hopes will be the most diverse in US history. 

Plus, Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest travel period of the year. Last year 26 million Americans travelled through US airports over the long holiday weekend. And while the number of airline passengers has significantly dropped due to the ever-worsening pandemic in the US, many Americans are simply ignoring expert advice to stay home. 

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