Discovering a haven for Monarch butterflies in Mexico


This week, we take a magical look at a forest in Mexico that's turned orange thanks to the migration of millions of Monarch butterflies. The beautiful creatures have seen a drastic decline over the past 20 years, with some 90 percent of them now gone.


Meanwhile in the US, Joe Biden's new infrastructure plan has been described as the biggest overhaul in the country since the 1930s New Deal. The $2.3 trillion package would not just improve the country's transportation, communications, water and electrical networks. It also hopes to shift the US towards greener energy and out-compete China. But the massive package is certain to meet opposition in Congress, with Republicans already criticising its scale.

Finally, Brazil is fast on its way to surpassing the US as the country with the highest death toll from Covid-19. This week saw a record 4,000 people die in Brazil in just one day. As more and more contagious variants continue to circulate, hospitals are being overwhelmed. But any moves to slow the infections are being tripped up by the president’s vehement opposition to a lockdown.

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