War crimes in Yemen: Lawyers call for ICC investigation into Saudi-led coalition


As the war in Yemen continues, lawyers have called on the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into the Saudi-led coalition, accusing it of war crimes and crimes against humanity. We speak to British barrister Toby Cadman, co-founder of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers. He tells us why he filed the request at the ICC.


Meanwhile, the economic situation in Lebanon continues to worsen. Foreign currency reserves remain low and shortages of fuel and medicine continue. Pharmaceutical shortages threaten the treatment of tens of thousands of people, pushing some to space out their medication to survive. Our correspondents Sally Farhat and Zeina Antonios report.

Finally, Iran is making a push for young Iranians to meet and get married through a government-sponsored dating app. It's all part of the government's effort to curb the rising age of marriage and a declining birth rate. The app's developers say the platform is off to a successful start, but some in Iran remain sceptical. Our correspondent Reza Sayah reports.

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