Turkey's border wall with Iran: Erdogan seeks to block new arrivals of Afghan refugees


Fearing a new refugee crisis, Turkey is beefing up its border wall with Iran to block Afghan refugees from entering the country. Scores of civilians fleeing the Taliban regime are escaping to Iran, where they're making the weeks-long journey to the Turkish border. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says 300,000 Afghans have already arrived, and he's determined not to let any more in. Our correspondents Shona Bhattacharyya, Ludovic de Foucaud and Hussein Asad report from Van, on the Turkish-Iranian border.


Meanwhile, many Afghan refugees who were lucky enough to get on a flight out of Afghanistan have found themselves in Qatar. The small Gulf nation has played a vital role in the US evacuation from Kabul. Thousands of refugees and servicepeople have passed through Qatar and transferred to different destinations. But others are still in transit in the capital Doha. 

Finally, in Israel, a manhunt is underway for six Palestinian prisoners who made their way out of a high-security jail. The six men shared a cell, where they dug a tunnel over the course of a month using a rusty spoon. Police believe they may have escaped to the West Bank city of Jenin, the hometown of one of the prisoners: former top militant leader Zakaria Zubeidi.

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