Animal welfare in EU farming: New scrutiny over suffering of livestock


Each year, a billion poultry birds and tens of millions of other farm animals are transported within and outside of the EU to be bred from, fattened or slaughtered. Regulations on how that transportation happens do exist, but scores of breaches of those regulations have been documented in official audits carried out by the European Commission in recent years. 


Recently documented breaches include cattle being kept inside trucks for five days straight when they're supposed to be unloaded for a rest each day; hundreds of chicks that starved to death after being left unattended at Madrid airport; plus thousands of sheep that drowned when their overloaded ship capsized in a Romanian port.

Now Members of the European Parliament are getting involved. They've just set up an Inquiry Committee specifically on the live transport of animals. In our debate we find out more about the issues and the solutions being put forward.

Produced by Perrine Desplats and Isabelle Romero

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