'We are counting on the EU' for Covid-19 vaccines: Moldova's President Maia Sandu


She's young, pro-EU and now president of the poorest country in Europe, Moldova. Maia Sandu speaks to FRANCE 24, three months after her landslide election victory against pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon.


President Sandu tells us of her country's struggle to secure supplies of coronavirus vaccines: "For a small country like Moldova it is very difficult to get the attention of the producers. But they are usually interested in larger contracts so usually they talk to bigger countries. That's why we do need the support of the EU countries."

However, the Moldovan leader declined to rule out using the Russian-developed Sputnik V vaccine, saying: "We are looking at the World Health Organization decisions – they have the standards, and they tell us what vaccines are safe and efficient."

We also discuss her ambitions to see Moldova join the European Union one day: "I do understand that we need to do our homework. We need to implement the reforms to bring the living standards and democratic standards in my country closer to the EU standards. The process is very important to us and hopefully at some point... we can join the EU."

Asked about relations with Russia, she says: "We are interested in having good relations with all countries especially those in our region. We have a pretty full agenda with the Russian Federation."

Produced by Céline Schmitt and Mathilde Bénézet

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