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Ransomware attacks on the rise: Should companies and organisations pay?

Jake Davis and Julia Sieger
Jake Davis and Julia Sieger © FRANCE 24

This week, we tell you more about the mysterious Robin Hood-like cyberattack, carried out by the hacking group Darkside, which is troubling authorities. The group has donated stolen money from victims to charities. We ask cybersecurity consultant and former member of the Anonymous group Jake Davis what he thinks of this latest attack. 


But we begin with a world first: NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has performed a sample-snagging operation on an asteroid in deep space. The robot briefly touched down on the asteroid Bennu, some 320 million km away from Earth. The goal is to collect rocky samples in the hope of learning more about the solar system's early days and the rise of life on Earth.

Also, the fifth edition of Zevent has come to an end with gamers raising nearly €6 million after playing for more than 50 hours. Zevent is an annual rendezvous during which streamers get together to support a different charity during a marathon stream on Twitch. This year, the money has been donated to Amnesty International. 

And speaking of donations to charity organisations, this time a group of Black Hat hackers called Darkside have decided to donate stolen money to charities. They posted receipts for $10,000 in Bitcoin to prove it. Jake Davis, a cybersecurity consultant and former member of the hacking group Anonymous gives us his insight into this unusual attack. 

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