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Deepfakes: Manipulating audio and video to spread misinformation

Julia Sieger
Julia Sieger © FRANCE 24

With the US elections fast appproching, we tell you more about the rise of so-called deepfakes, or how to generate videos by manipulating words or actions of individuals. How are they created and could they have an impact on votes? Our correspondents in California explore this growing phenomenon. 


In the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic and in the run-up to the US presidential elections, so-called "audio deepfakes" have become increasingly common online. These artificial voices can make anybody say anything - and often, it's not obvious that it's fake. Some are concerned that these audio deepfakes could disrupt the November vote. 

Our tech editor Peter O'Brien digs deeper into the different techniques used to manipulate footage and recreate the voices of famous people who have passed away. As you'll see, the reproduction of Marilyn Monroe's voice is uncanny!

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