The tech trends to look out for in 2021

Julia Sieger and Peter O'Brien
Julia Sieger and Peter O'Brien © FRANCE 24

In this edition, we take a look back at the tech breakthroughs that occurred in 2020 and bring you a glimpse at what lies ahead for 2021. Here's a hint: say goodbye to the Internet of Things and hello to the Internet of Behaviours!


When you think of scientific advances in the year 2020, the first that springs to mind might be the startling speed at which various vaccines against Covid-19 have been developed. But from the unearthing of mummies in Egypt to genome editing, this year has also been filled with progress on other fronts. 

Plus, FRANCE 24's Peter O'Brien tells us which tech trends are expected to appear in 2021, such as the Internet of Behaviours making your personal data even more precious. 

In Test 24, we try the connected sports sunglasses EVAD-1 by the French startup Julbo. From distance and elevation to heart rate and pace, they showcase seven different real-time items of data directly in your field of vision.

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