Cyberspace, the 21st century battleground


As the 13th edition of the International Forum on Cybersecurity comes to a close in Lille, we explore the growing risk of an escalation of conflict in cyberspace.


Cyberspace has become the new battleground for competing powers to confront one another. The cyber Cold War between the US and China seems to already be a reality. Negotiations to create some kind of international public order in the digital space have so far stalled. 

How can we avoid an escalation in cyberspace and what are the risks of seeing a cyber terrorist attack? We ask Ivan Kwiatkowski, a threat analyst at Kaspersky.

Since the beginning of 2021, experts have also witnessed a spike in the number of ransomware attacks carried out by cybercriminals. Experts say hackers are becoming more sophisticated and that the range of targets has expanded to include government agencies and critical infrastructure providers.

Another important cyber threat that is often overlooked is a straightforward technical issue. The collapse of the internet has been predicted many times, as traffic increases exponentially and the world becomes even more interconnected. Such a collapse would have devastating consequences globally. We discuss this prospect with Nick Merrill, the director of the Daylight Lab at the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity. 

And in Test 24, Peter O'Brien explains how you can be the safest web user and avoid being trapped by spam and phishing emails. 

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