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Covid Curfew: Can France avoid the return to a full lockdown?

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A second wave and a new approach, but will it work?  President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday announced that the Île-de-France region and eight of France’s metropolitan cities are in for a one-month, 9pm-6am curfew. At least. With Covid-19 patients already occupying 40 percent of the capital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds – does France have any other choice? And how will the curfew work?


The idea behind the new approach is to stop the top cause of clusters; private events and family gatherings. Under the new measures – and in contrast to France’s near three-month lockdown this spring - schools will remain open, working from home will not be ratcheted up to full throttle and families will still be able to travel during the upcoming school holidays. Are France’s new measures too much, or not enough? How do you enforce them, and what might some of the unintended consequences be?

But it’s not just France, but all of Europe, that is trying to figure out the best tactics to combat the virus as they go along. Over in Liverpool, in the UK, pub-goers have vented their anger at the prospect of a return to isolation after bars closed this week ahead of a partial lockdown. How can their fears be addressed, and how do you federate citizens around restrictions that go against our nature as human beings?

Produced by David Rich, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.


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