The Debate

Broken peace process? Colombia's indigenous people exposed to increased violence


In Colombia, the Minga Indigena movement converged on the capital Bogota last week to remind the government of its responsibilities in the face of drug dealers, cattle ranchers and dissident rebel groups that four years after a historic UN-brokered deal to end civil war still hold sway over vast swathes of the country's remote interior and continue to kill and intimidate with impunity. 


We ask about the conservative government's response, in particular after the killing of a well-known ELN rebel commander over the weekend in the west of the country. What prospects are there for lasting peace in Colombia? What future for indigenous people throughout South America?

They had reason to cheer in Chile on Sunday with a constitutional referendum that paves the way for a recognised status for the Mapuche and other long-ignored indigenous groups. How far will that recognition take them? As we see, it's about much more than land rights. 

Produced by Freddie Gower, Juliette Laurain and Imen Mellaz.

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