After Bibi: What next for Israel?

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It feels like, in Israeli politics, it ain’t over, even when it is over. Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated his onetime chief of staff after Naftali Bennett ended Bibi's record-breaking 12 year stint as the country's longest serving prime minister. But if you listened to Netanyahu's speech just before, it wasn't quite as sporting. We'll hear how the Likud leader does not sound like a man preparing for a career change. 


And then there is that one-vote margin by which Bennett becomes prime minister of an unlikely coalition that spans from his nationalist far-right all the way to the pacifist left. How long can this government last? What do they agree on, besides being anti-Bibi?

Palestinians say it will be the same policies either way. Or will it? Among the firsts in this government, the active backing of an Arab-Israeli party. Is this a pragmatic approach that will reap tangible benefits beyond Israel's borders or the recognition that the two-state solution is long dead?


Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Léopoldine Iribarren. 

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