Observers special report: Life under the Taliban in 2021

The FRANCE 24 Observers team brings you a special programme following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Afghans from all over the country agreed to talk to us and tell us about what's happening on the ground. Who are the Taliban who are governing today? What's really happening in the capital and across the country? Our Observers recount what life is like under Taliban rule.


Part 1: Living under the Taliban in 2021, our Observers recount

At the end of August, the American army and their allies left Afghanistan. They managed to evacuate tens of thousands of Afghans, but left the nation in the hands of the Taliban. What happened to the ordinary citizens who were left behind? And what is it like to live under the Taliban? We spoke to people around the country, who testified anonymously.

Part 2: Why the rivalry within the Taliban could lead to a new war in Afghanistan

The Taliban is often seen as a single entity with a common shared policy. But in reality, the group is composed of different factions. Mokhtar Wafayi, an Afghan journalist who has been following the Taliban for years, explains why these differences within the Taliban could even lead to a new war in Afghanistan.

To read more first-hand accounts of the situation in Afghanistan, visit the FRANCE 24 Observers website.

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