EU-AstraZeneca vaccine row, Students' mental health, #MeTooInceste, Egypt 10 years on


Earlier this week, we discussed the politicisation of the Covid-19 vaccines; how the jabs to stop the pandemic have become in many ways a geopolitical tool. The row between the EU and vaccine producer AstraZeneca is gathering pace and the EU is getting all protectionist.


The effect of the Covid-19 lockdown has been felt by everyone. But the effect on young people has taken up air time and column inches. In France, there is great concern over the mental health of students in higher education but also over younger school pupils missing out on lessons and the social contact that shapes childhood and serves as a template for adult life.

France is in a state of collective reckoning over the issue of incest. This comes in the wake of a book by Camille Kouchner detailing the sexual abuse of her twin brother during adolescence by their stepfather. He is a well-known figure on the political and media circuit in Paris. What has shocked most people is that this horrific abuse may well have been an open secret in their circle. According to a survey, one in ten people in France have experienced some kind of sex abuse or sexual harassment within the family.

Egypt is marking the tenth anniversary of the revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak. His 30-year hardline rule was brought down by ordinary people demonstrating under the slogan "Bread, freedom and social justice". Today, with poverty and corruption still rife and another hardline leader, many are asking: what happened? 

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Juliette Laurain and Laura Burloux.

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