(runs 1:10 to last word plus 9 secs sound out)pope francis arrived at auschwitz in silent contemplation.he walked alone through the camp's notorious wrought iron gate with only the sound of his footsteps and the occasional camera clicking prior to his visit, the pontiff had said he would make no address... no comments.the camp saw more than a million people - most of them jews - murdered during the second world war.pope francis exchanged kisses and quiet words with several survivors.some of these people were as young as 2... when nazi soldiers imprisoned and tortured them here, for their way of life and religion.Francis lit a candle in front of the wall where nazis soldiers killed thousands of people by firing squad.though he choose prayer over condemnation here today....the pope has repeatedly denounced those commiting crimes, in a war he says has nothing to do with religion.his comments come after a string of jihadist attacks across the world.