This was the scene being triumphantly broadcast on Syrian state tv on Saturday....Rebels allegedly surrendering to the Syrian military in Aleppo....and civilians being escorted from rebel-held areas, thanking the government for rescuing them. vox "We suffered a lot because of those rebel dogs who have no shame. They were unjust to us and to our children. We left under the protection of the army." But opposition fighters in eastern Aleppo expressed skepticism about what Moscow and Damascus deemed a humanitarian operation.SOT Yasser Flis, a commander with the Ahrar al-Sham rebel group in charge of the Karaj al-Hajiz corridor: "We are here, in one of the so-called corridors, and what the regime says is false The entrance to the corridor is just behind me. But they haven't opened anything, there are more air raids and shelling in the neighborhood and other areas."The United Nations has also raised concerns - saying that IT should be allowed to administer the evacuations, and calling for all fighting to stop while civilians are at risk. The UN has also asked for a ceasefire to allow essential humanitarian aid to reach the estimated 300 thousand people who have been trapped in Aleppo. The city has been divided between rebel and government forces since mid-2012...and re-claiming total control is a top priority for Bashar al-Assad and his allies.

Aleppo's humanitarian situation

Opposition fighters in eastern Aleppo expressed skepticism.