For months now, his name has been at the centre of corruption allegations...But Lula da Silva has avoided court.... until now The former president has been charged with obstructing the enquiry into corruption at PetrobrasHe allegedly tried to buy the silence of a former director of the brazilian oil company....accusations that come from former ally and politician Delcidio do Amaral, who will also stand trial for his involvement in the graftLula has denied any wrongdoing; on Friday his spokesperson issued a statement calling the charges flimsy DLS "the charges are based uniquely on (evidence from) a plea bargain.Lula has never opposed the investigations."In the past two years over a hundred people have been arrested in an investigation that has uncovered a web of bribery and mismanagement at the state oil company Petrobrasan estimated 8 billion dollars was allegedly funnelled to top executives and politicians over a decade...accusations which have damaged the former president's record popularity:VOX"I think he is guilty. He evidently conspired with companies to remain in power. But he must be judged by the law, not by us.""I think Lula is a sort of Al Capone. We all know he did many bad things but unfortunately they only got him for obstructing justice... which is very little if you look at all the things he did."This indictment is another blow to Lula's Workers Party ... His successor Dilma Rousseff is facing possible impeachment for allegedly manipulating government accounts... Her trial is set to conclude end of August