Afghanistan: Fierces gunbattles as Government forces push Taliban back from Kunduz

Backed by US airstrikes and special forces, the Afghan military close in on the Taliban to flush them out of Kunduz's city centre.7. (SOUNDBITE) (Pashto) MEMBER OF THE AFGHAN SECURITY FORCES, MOHAMMAD WADOOD SAYING: "We are carrying out our operation very successfully and the enemies are not able to confront us. We assure the people of Kunduz that we will demolish these coward enemies"The militants held out all night against the army but NATO forces in Afghanistan say the government has regained control of the northern city.On Monday Taliban fighters slipped past security perimeters and pushed deep into their former stronghold.One of their officials told France 24 that they had taken control of most of the area except the airport.The fresh onslaught came a year after they briefly captured the strategic northern city - in one of the group's biggest gains since being overthrown in 2001.Afghan and coalition forces managed to drive them out two weeks later.During the operation, a US airstrike on a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders caused many casualties.The latest fighting adds to growing concerns over a Taliban resurgence in a country that is still struggling to achieve stability after years of war.President Ashraf Ghani is in Brussels for a major international donors conference...hoping to raise several billion dollars to help Afghanistan's development.Representatives from more than 70 countries and 20 international organisations are attending the 2-day meeting.