'International community needs to ensure military, security capacity in Sahel,' says Jérome Pigné, associate researcher at Thomas More Institute

The French military effort in the Sahel region in West Africa was meant to stop the different jihadist groups but Macron’s visit is more of a tradition to have dinner with troops on the ground. Jérome Pigné, associate researcher at Thomas More Institute, tells FRANCE 24 that the challenge for France is to encourage partners like the US and Saudi Arabia to support G5 - the Sahel joint force composed of Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Chad. The G5 was created to create more stability in the region but is struggling with this endeavour. The problem in the next few years is how to provide funding for those countries, says Pigné. He adds that the international community needs to ensure military and security capacity and that development projects are addressed by local countries and governments.