Abbas tells Macron: 'US has no place in Israel-Palestinian peace process'

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas told French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Friday that he would no longer accept American involvement in the Israel-Palestinian peace process. “I confirm that after Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel and to move embassy the American embassy there, the US is no longer an honest mediator in the peace process,” said Abbas, adding that he would not accept any plan from the US “because of its bias”. The Palestinian president has urged France and the EU to play a bigger role in the Middle East peace process, a role that Macron has gradually begun to full. He met with Benjamin Netanyahu and King Abdullah of Jordan earlier in the month. “The Americans have marginalised themselves and France’s credibility lies in taking a position like it has today,” said Macron, who is expected to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories during his trip to the Middle East in 2018.