China's 'Vulgar Butcher' activist jailed for eight years for subversion

Also know by his online name ‘Super Vulgar Butcher’, activist Wu Gan made an art out of publicly shaming the Chinese government, using crude language to draw attention to human rights cases. On Tuesday, his advocacy resulted in an eight-year prison sentence for subversion. The court in Tianjin said on its website that Wu had criticised China's political system and used performance art to create disturbances. Wu was detained in 2015’s so-called ‘709 crackdown’ along with human rights lawyer Xie Yang and hundreds of other activists. Xie was also in court Tuesday, but avoided a prison sentence after pleading guilty and backtracking a previous statement that he had been tortured in detention. By contrast, Wu Gan was defiant at his sentencing and pledged to appeal his case. His verdict underlines how under President Xi Jinping activists are no longer being tolerated in China.