N. Korean noodle craze sweeps S. Korea after historic summit

South Koreans have been caught up in a craze for a special North Korean cold noodle dish after the leaders of the two countries shared it during a historic summit.

In the capital of South Korea, Seoul, there were long queues in front of shops selling a cold noodle dish popular in the North.

The man behind the craze is none other than North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who brought these special noodles, served in a cool meat broth, to his meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on April 27.

“With difficulty, I brought these noodles from Pyongyang,” Kim Jong-un said. “These noodles have come a long way-- well, I guess I can’t say it is that far. But, anyway, I hope you enjoy it.”

The two men feasted on the dish while agreeing to work on ridding the peninsula of nuclear weapons.

Since, there have been times when the noodle dish has been trending higher on social media than the summit itself.

“I wish [the two Koreas] will be unified so I can go to the North and enjoy the original dish there,” one man in a noodle restaurant told FRANCE 24.