'Change-resistant Gauls': Macron under fire for 'mocking' French

French President Emmanuel Macron came under fire from the political opponents on Thursday after describing his countrymen as “Gauls who are resistant to change” during a trip to Denmark. The controversial comments came during an exchange with French expatriates in the Scandinavian country, which Macron has long admired for its economic model that mixes a strong social security system with rules allowing companies to easily fire workers. “Let’s not be naive, what is possible is linked to a culture, to a people who are the product of their history,” the French leader said on Wednesday afternoon. “These Lutheran [Protestant] people, who have experienced transformations in recent years, are not like the Gauls who are resistant to change,” he said, using a term for the ancient tribes that roamed France more than 2000 years ago. France 24’s Douglas Herbert takes a closer look at the debate.