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Uhuru Kenyatta: 'No country is immune to terror and war'

In an exclusive interview on FRANCE 24, Kenya’s president said that just as the world united to win over oppression 100 years ago for World War I, it needs to get together to fight the scourge of global jihadism.

He said that his country was not yet “out of the woods” in its fight against the Al Shabaab organisation but claimed it had made inroads, thwarted several large-scale attacks  and improved its capacity to defend itself. He said that while he was hoping Somalia would be able to defend itself by 2021 as called for by the international community, Kenya’s military was committed to stay after that date of the security situation had not improved enough.

He stressed that the fight against corruption was a a top priority and called upon the judiciary to come up with more convictions in corruption cases, especially the one about the National Youth Service. He denied that Kenya was over-borrowing from China and hailed an agreement reached last week with China whereby the Asian giant will allow better access to its market for some Kenyan goods, calling it a “win-win”. Finally, he firmly rejected any intention to seek a third presidential mandate, stressing he intended to respect the constitution and that he wanted his legacy to be a peaceful transition of power in 2022.

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