Second death of Guatemalan migrant child in US government custody

An eight-year-old boy from Guatemala died in government custody in New Mexico early Tuesday, US immigration authorities said, marking the second death of an immigrant child in detention this month. The death came during an ongoing dispute over border security and with a partial government shutdown underway over President Donald Trump's request for border wall funding. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said the boy, identified by the Guatemalan consul in Phoenix as Felipe Gómez Alonzo, had shown "signs of potential illness" on Monday and was taken with his father to a hospital in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He was diagnosed with a cold and a fever, prescribed amoxicillin and ibuprofen, and released Monday afternoon after being held 90 minutes for observation, the agency said. The boy was returned to the hospital Monday evening with nausea and vomiting, and died there just after midnight, CBP said.