On Saturday, at least 50 000 protesters came out across France for the eighth straight week of demonstrations. Though the protests remained largely peaceful in the morning, clashes with authorities broke out in multiple early on into the evening...In central Paris, rioters torched cars and set barricades on fire... elsewhere in the capital, protesters launched projectiles at police officers who responded with tear gas. Though the scale of the protests has decreased in recent weeks, many Yellow Vests have vowed to continue mobilizing... saying the government's recent concessions are not enough. VOXPOP: "We`ve been tightening our belts for 15, 20 years. We`ve had enough. We`re still in an era of nobles and serfs in 2019."SOT UNNAMED YELLOW VEST PROTEST ORGANIZER: In response to Saturday's tensions, Interior minister Christophe Castaner held an emergency crisis response meeting in the capital and urged protesters to respect the rule of law.