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Colombia car bomb attack reflects 'internal tensions within ELN rebel group'

The Colombian government says that the ELN rebel group was responsible for the car bomb attack on a police academy in Bogota on Thursday. The attack killed at least 21 and injured dozens. The ELN has not released a statement or claimed responsibility for the attack. FRANCE 24 spoke to Kyle Johnson, a Colombia expert at the International Crisis Group, an NGO that carries out research on international conflict. He told FRANCE 24 that the attack reflects “internal tensions” within the group. The ELN signed a unilateral truce with the country’s authorities in December last year, which Johnson says may have angered some of the more militant wings of the ELN. The sudden attack makes it seem unlikely that the government can restart peace talks with the group. The car bombing was Colombia's worst in almost 16 years, and has revived fears that more attacks could be coming as the conflict between the government and insurgents intensifies.

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