Exclusive: Civilians pay the price for war in Houthi-controlled northern Yemen

Exactly four years ago, Yemen's presidential palace was taken over by Houthi rebels, a decisive day for the country that has since sunk into a deadly civil war that has triggered a humanitarian disaster. A FRANCE 24 team travelled to northern Yemen, a region held by Shiite Houthi rebels that has been at the centre of a Saudi-led military campaign. Vehicles zip through this part of Yemen, a scenic region of lofty volcanic plateaus once ruled by ancient kings. "There were more bombardments yesterday. They can strike at any moment, you never know when … it's very tense here," explains Mohamad, a Houthi driver. Since a Saudi-led coalition intervened to try to overthrow the Houthis in 2015, this area has come under almost daily bombardment. The conflict has become a regional proxy war, with Iran supporting the Shiite Houthis against a coalition of Gulf Arab Sunni states.