DR Congo’s Catholic Church warns new president 'not to forget where he comes from'

DR Congo’s powerful Catholic Church oversaw the last presidential elections and now says it will scrutinize very closely new President Felix Tshisekedi’s first days. The National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO), which represents the country's Catholic bishops, has said it could be absent from Tshisekedi’s inauguration. “It is an invitation, not a summons. That would be abandoning our convictions,”says Fridolin Ambongo, Kinshasa’s archbishop. The CENCO says it is worried Tshisekedi might not be able to change much in the country’s current logic. “I fear strongly the same system will continue with the new president," Ambongo said, and advised Tshisekedi “not to forget where he comes from. He comes from the people and the people is suffering”. The archbishop’s words were regarded as a warning sign to the new president.