Exclusive: On the front line with the Syrian Democratic Forces

As the battle to end the Islamic State group’s territorial control in eastern Syria comes to a close, FRANCE 24’s James André, Mayssa Awad and Romeo Langlois went to the front line in Marashdi with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Despite heavy losses, the SDF is helping to tighten the noose around what is left of IS group’s so-called caliphate in its last stronghold here. Our team witnessed firsthand how determined the group’s remaining fighters really are – jihadists from the Middle East, Europe, and beyond – including the jihadist women who are choosing to fight to their deaths rather than give themselves up. That determination was on deadly display in the aftermath of a bloody battlescene that pitted the SDF against what it described as a husband-and-wife pair of holed-up jihadists killed after an intense night of fighting.