Gbagbo was the first former head of state to face trial

The International Criminal Court on Friday ordered the conditional release of former Ivory Coast president Laurent Gbagbo after he was cleared last month on charges of crimes against humanity.A spokesman for the ICC on Friday night said both men had left the detention centre in The Hague “as an interim measure”, without providing further details.Judges agreed to release the 73-year-old ex-strongman and his aide Charles Blé—Goudé—on condition that they live in as-yet unspecified country pending an appeal by the prosecution.Appeals judge Chile Eboe-Osuji said the court would release them "to a state willing to accept them on its territory and willing to enforce the conditions set" by the court.Ivory Coast is an ICC member state, but the court may be unwilling to send Gbagbo to his homeland, given that it has refused to surrender Gbagbo's wife Simone despite an outstanding ICC warrant for her arrest.