DR Congo

DR Congo’s Tshisekedi was sworn in as president but Fayulu is not letting go

Congo opposition leader Martin Fayulu pronounced his first speech during a rally on Saturday since losing a disputed election, rejecting any outreach by the new president Félix Tshisekedi and calling for “peaceful resistance”. Fayulu told thousands of supporters who gathered in the capital, Kinshasa, that he will not resort to violence as he continues to oppose what he calls a rigged election and continues to declare he was the one to win the elections. “I have no personal problems with Felix Tshisekedi, he’s my brother. It is not so much him, but those who appointed him, those who want to go against the will of the people. So what I’m saying is, first, we need the truth from the ballot boxes”, Fayulu told media outlets after his speech.