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Senegal election: Has Macky Sall’s economic boom trickled down? (Part 1 of 5)

Senegal is gearing up for a presidential election next weekend, with incumbent President Macky Sall expected to secure a second term in office after his main challengers were barred from running. The West African country’s economic growth rate sits at just over six percent, up threefold since Macky Sall was first elected seven years ago. Senegal’s landscape has also changed in that time with a number of large infrastructure projects inaugurated on the eve of the election campaign. If re-elected, Sall plans to launch phase two of Senegal's development plan – a plan that promises an “emerging Senegal” by 2035. But not everyone agrees with the president’s economic record. His detractors claim the Senegalese people are not his priority and his electoral programme won't benefit them. Our correspondents in Senegal, Sarah Sakho and William de Lesseux, report.

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