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Lack of oversight at Senegal’s Arabic schools raises radicalisation concerns (Part 2 of 5)

While Senegal has so far successfully shielded itself from the threat of Islamist extremism, experts warn that gaps remain in the country's security strategy, most notably in the field of education. Last July, the trial of 30 suspected terrorists shocked the nation and showed that the country is not free of jihadist influence, particularly among youths. In the second of five reports ahead of the country’s presidential election, FRANCE 24's Sarah Sakho and William de Lesseux report from the northern city of Saint-Louis, where the development of Koranic schools signals the emergence of a more conservative brand of Islam than is usually practised in Senegal. Activists and researchers warn that the lack of oversight of private schooling in Arabic means moderate Muslim groups are being threatened by Salafist undercurrents.

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