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'My case was hushed up': Victim of clerical abuse seeks justice from Vatican

Although time has moved on, Arturo Borrelli cannot forget. He was 12 years old when he met Father Silverio Mura, his religious education teacher at his school, near Naples in the south of Italy. “One day he invited me to come to his house. I accepted. Once inside, he asked me to come closer. He kissed me. A violent kiss. […] I was in shock,” Borrelli recalls. It was the beginning of a long series of sexual abuses that Borrelli says would go on for more than four years. In 2010, he broke his silence and denounced the priest. But Father Mura was merely moved to another parish in the region, where he continued to work with minors. Since Borrelli pressed charges, 10 other people have denounced the same priest. FRANCE 24’s Natalia Mendoza caught up with Borrelli near the Vatican in Rome, where the victim of sexual abuse has come to seek justice.

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