Islamabad's policy is 'not to escalate' tensions with India, Pakistan's ambassador tells FRANCE 24

Pakistan’s ambassador to France, Moin ul Haque, told FRANCE 24 on Wednesday that despite the decision to shoot down two Indian jets in retaliation for air strikes on Pakistani soil, Islamabad is committed “not to escalate" but rather "to defuse the situation". Pakistan's response to what he called an "unfortunate act of aggression" was "clearly part of our self-defence", he said. Ul Haque added that best way to resolve the situation is "through talks and peaceful dialogue" with the help of international mediation. The ambassador also expressed “disappointment” after France called on Islamabad this week to rein in terror groups operating within its borders. “We are a little disappointed with that statement, that it does not take into account what Pakistan has suffered as a victim of terrorism, what Pakistan has done and achieved to eliminate terrorism from our soil and our region.”