Berlin tries to close gender pay gap as Germany lags behind EU peers

International Women’s Day has become a bank holiday in Berlin. The German capital wants to send a strong signal in a country that compares badly with other European nations: the pay gap between men and women is at 21 percent in Germany, almost five points higher than the European average.

Only Iceland and the Czech Republic trail behind… And according to the World Economic Forum, the situation has actually got worse. Out of the 149 countries studied, Germany is now fourteenth, because of continued salary disparities but also because there are fewer women than before in Germany’s parliaments…

For Waldemar Zeiler, the founder of Berlin-based Einhorn Products, salary transparency is a must to tackle inequality between men and women.

“If you really take feminism seriously, it’s a battle that you absolutely have to fight, it can’t work any other way, women’s’ salaries are not as high as men’s and only salary transparency can solve that problem.”