May puts her deal to a parliamentary vote again

It's the second time she's putting her deal on the table. UK Prime Minister Theresa May hopes that this time round she can convince MPs that her agreement is the right one to take the country out of the EU. After failing to convince the vast majority of MPs in January's vote, May has presented her colleagues with new promises on workers' rights. But the focus remains on the contentious issue of the Irish backstop. Without a set deadline, hardline Brexiteers fear the UK will be stuck within EU regulations without having a say, nor a way out. Earlier Tuesday, Attorney General Geoffrey Cox said the changes reduced the risk without eliminating them, which prompted the Northern Irish DUP party to oppose the deal. If May's deal doesn't pass this Tuesday, there will be a vote on crashing out without a deal on Wednesday. A "No" vote on that means there will be a vote Thursday on delaying Brexit. And if lawmakers disagree to that too, then it's back to square one.