Brex-what? Episode 5: What would a no-deal Brexit mean?

Given the latest vote from the UK parliament and the fast-approaching April 12th deadline, Brex-what? looks at the effects of a no-deal Brexit. Would Britain and Europe be plunged into chaos? Or is that just “project fear”?

The UK parliament has voted – again – to reject Theresa May's divorce deal from the EU. So what next? Even though British MPs say they don't to leave the European Union with no deal, that is now a real possibility if the EU doesn't grant the UK another Article 50 extension. So here at Brex-what? we thought it'd be timely to look at what a no-deal Brexit would actually involve in concrete terms.

Brex-what? is a mini-series made by France 24 to help explain the complexities of Brexit. From the roots of British euroscepticism to the Irish backstop and the long-term impact of Brexit, we talk you through the technicalities in 2-minute (ish) chunks.

Brex-what? Is written and presented by France 24 Senior Reporter Catherine Norris Trent, produced and edited by Valérie Fouace, with illustrations by Adel Gastel.