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Daylight reveals extent of Notre-Dame damage

Shards of stained glass from priceless medieval windows. A gaping hole above the choir area where the spire crashed down. Charred debris from the collapsed roof scattered on the ground.After firefighters put out the last remnants of the fire that ravaged Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, daylight revealed the extent of the damage caused by the blaze Monday evening.Tourists and Parisians, united in their shock at the damage to one of the great monuments of human heritage, watched from the safety of the opposite bank of the Seine, kept away by a police cordon.But journalists could witness the extent of the damage through one of the great doors which opened to reveal the piles of rubble and charred debris inside.But in a luminous sign of hope, a golden cross was still intact at the back of the cathedral, shining defiantly in the gloom.Intact stained-glass windows and statues could also be seen, though sculpted arches were blackened by smoke and pews destroyed.

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