Special report: Cash crisis worsening in post-Bashir Sudan

It was bread that eventually toppled Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir after 30 years in power. Last November, his government tried to triple the price of bread, prompting hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets in protest. But, more than a month after Bashir was deposed, the economy is not any stronger.In fact, the country is currently in the throes of an economic crisis so grave that the government has been forced to limit withdrawals from ATM machines to a maximum of about $40 per day. And, to make matters worse, many machines are now empty. In this special FRANCE 24 report from Khartoum, Nadia Massih, Abdallah Malkawi and Karim Yahiaoui spend the day with one man trying to get his money and to make ends meet.