Cheddar in a soufflé? Cheesed-off French chef sues Michelin Guide

A lawyer for celebrity French chef Marc Veyrat said Tuesday he is suing the Michelin Guide in a long-running dispute over cheddar cheese.

Veyrat’s La Maison des Bois restaurant in the French Alps was stripped of its coveted third Michelin star in January this year.

Veyrat’s crime? He says he was accused of using English cheddar cheese in a classic French soufflé.

Veyrat strenuously denies the charge, saying the Michelin inspector made a mistake.

"I put saffron in it, and the gentleman who came thought it was cheddar because it was yellow. That's what you call knowledge of a place? It's just crazy," he told France Inter.

Veyrat was so incensed that in July he demanded his restaurant be removed from the guide altogether, a request that Michelin refused.

Now, he hopes to force Michelin to hand over documents to clarify the reasons it stripped Veyrat of his third star, which Veyrat said left him “dishonoured” and his team “in tears”.

La Maison des Bois received its third star – the Michelin guide’s highest accolade – in 2018

The restaurant is known for using local Haute Savoie ingredients, including herbs, dairy and meat from its own farms and gardens.