Masterpiece in the kitchen: Painting worth millions found in French home

A painting believed to be by Florentine master Cimabue and potentially worth millions of euros has been discovered hanging in the kitchen of an elderly woman in a town in northern France.

The painting was found in a home in the town of Compiègne, hanging above a kitchen hot plate, when the owner called in an auction house specialist to value her possessions as part of a routine house clearance.

Called "Christ Mocked", the painting is thought to be part of a series of eight scenes dating from 1280

Depicting Christ's passion and crucifixion, only two other paintings from the series are known to still exist.

Cimabue was a painter from Florence considered a forerunner of Renaissance art and was the teacher of Giotto.

The painting is now set to go to auction, with a valuation of 4 to 6 million euros.