Afghanistan: Most Americans support end to war, yet many disturbed by chaotic withdrawal

France 24 is joined by Adam Weinstein, a Research Fellow at the Quincy Institute, and a former US marine in Afghanistan. As the longest war in US history comes to a tumultuous close, Mr. Weinstein invites us to "look at the big picture. This simply was not a sustainable military mission." Mr. Weinstein wholeheartedly believes it was "absolutely the right decision, and a brave decision, for President Biden to finally end this unsustainable status quo and make the decision to bring US troops home." Having said that, Mr. Weinstein does agree that "the execution of this withdrawal has had flaws in it. But so has the entire conduct of the war, so has the entire war effort for 20 years." Mr. Weinstein also makes a crucial point, that while the US public may be pretty disturbed by the execution of the withdrawal, "they simply do not think it is normal to stay militarily engaged in a country for over 20 years."