An emerging jihadist alliance between ISIS-K and the Taliban?

In the aftermath of the Kabul airport attacks, France 24 is joined by Samuel Ramani, a Researcher at the University of Oxford, specializing in Russian Foreign Policy. He offers some background and in-depth perspective on the growing threat of ISIS-K in Afghanistan. "ISIS Khorasan has been present in the region ever since 2015, and that was when about 70 fighters from Iraq and Syria migrated towards Afghanistan." Despite some speculation among some political heavyweights, including John Bolton, over a possible jihadist alliance between the Taliban and ISIS-K, Mr. Ramani remains quite skeptical of this possibility. "The ranks of ISIS-K were swollen by defected Taliban fighters, there are disagreements over ideology, and the Taliban was allegedly involved in the killing of a senior ISIS-K official just last week." In essence, Mr. Ramani does not see any coordination whatsoever "between the Taliban and ISIS" in the recent deadly airport attack.