Afghanistan War: 20 years on, US "finally" accepts "army was not going to defeat the Taliban"

Afghans face an uncertain future.
Afghans face an uncertain future. © France 24

Joining France 24 is Dr. Romain Malejacq, Professor at the Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management (CICAM) at Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands. Dr. Malejacq is also the author of "Warlord Survival: The Delusion of State Building in Afghanistan." In the book, he explains how the war in Afghanistan, in the aftermath of 9/11, quickly morphed into a state-building mission. Reflecting on the "huge failure" of US foreign policy, Dr. Malejacq submits that it is impossible that "the international community, as the West, can impose a state through war. There is a possibility to do peacebuilding, to negotiate, to bring people to the table. But not by changing regimes." What we can deduce from the longest war in US history, explains Dr. Romain Malejacq, is that "changing regimes and trying to build a state, according to our own vision, according to our own principles, according to our own values, really doesn't work.