Taliban claim control of Panjshir, opposition says resistance will continue

The Taliban claimed victory in the last part of Afghanistan still holding out against their rule, declaring that the capture of the Panjshir valley completed their takeover of the country, and they would unveil a new government soon. Nicolas Gosset, Researcher at the Royal High Institute for Defence, notes that "we are in a continued sequence of communications and public relations on behalf of the Taliban leadership." Mr. Gosset stresses the fact that "the battle over Panjshir is also a battle of information, communication, and symbols. It's an essential point for the Taliban who want to present themselves as nation builders, unifiers" and the ones who are truly bringing peace to the country. While the opposition, led by Ahmad Massoud, insists that resistance will continue, Mr. Gosset points out that the real resistance is actually coming "at the society level" and they're sending strong signals "within a lot of segments of Afghan society that there are more passive and silent forms of resistance to Taliban rule that is taking ground."