Ethiopia airstrike on Tigray: 'Worryingly high chance this escalates into return to full-scale war'

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The UN children's agency UNICEF has condemned an Ethiopian air strike on the rebel-held Tigray region that the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) says demolished a kindergarten and hit a civilian residential area. The bombardment came just days after fighting erupted on Tigray's southern border between government forces and TPLF rebels, ending a five-month truce and dashing hopes of peace talks. For more analysis on the recent escalation in the Ethiopian conflict, FRANCE 24 is joined by William Davison, Senior Analyst for Ethiopia at the International Crisis Group. "What is most concerning here," explains Mr. Davison, "is that this is a very clear demonstration that the peace process that was supposed to get underway has really failed to get off the ground." And further complicating matters, he adds, nothing has been done up until now to seek a political solution to the conflict.